Valentina Giacinti
Valentina Giacinti was born in Roma. With a background of classical and humanistic studies, she attended the faculty of Architecture at the “Università degli Studi di Roma, La Sapienza”. In 1997 she moved to London and joined the Architectural Association, where she graduated in 2002 (RIBA/ARB Part 1 and 2, AA Finals, AADIploma). In 2002 she moved back to Rome and worked for the architect Patrizio Paris and in 2004 started her own independent firm: T-Studio.

T-Studio is an office specialized in residential and commercial architecture, offices layout and buildings, web design and photography.

Valentina’s fields of interest, research and experimentation are rather broad and throughout the years she has worked in theatre (both in the organization and also as a stage-photographer), in cinema (doing sales and acquisition for Vivofilm), as an event planner and designer, and as a coordinator for the Todi Arte Festival.